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United Nations Retreat

♧ United Nations Retreat ♧
  All the mountains are full of fresh green!
  The World Bakdol Kouksundo Federation will hold international retreats from July 5th to 17th for 12 nights and 13 days.
  This retreat is a program to travel to beautiful Korea with KoukSunDo training.
There are 20 practitioners from Lithuania and Latvia in Europe.
  Especially, from July 13th (Sat) to 14th (Sun), the Federation organized the ♡ United Nations Retreat Meeting ♡ where we can exchange with domestic residents.
 If you are interested in holding a retreat, please join us and share the information with the foreign residents and experience your own training.

● The date and time: Saturday, July 13 2:00 to 14:00 (Sunday) 4:00 pm
● Location: Odae Mountain Healing Center
● Target: Kouksundo practitioner

● Entrance fee: 150,000 won for regular members, 160,000 won for members, 170,000 won for non-members
● Application: By Wednesday, June 5
● Inquiry: 010-5916-5910

 Secretary General of World Bakdol Kouksundo Federation.

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