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News of European events in the last five weeks !

From November 5 to December 6, 2019, there were various national road events in Europe, including:

1. New Member Retreat – Two sessions of five days in Vilnius and Kounas, Lithuania.

2. Instructor Training-A three-day, four-day national leader training retreat was held in Trakai, Lithuania.

3. International Seminar-There were participating international retreats in 8 countries in Trakai.

4. National Route Seminars-Six hours of national route introduction seminars were held in Klofeda and Kounas in Oslo, Norway and Lithuania.

5. Demonstration and Talk-Korean leaders visited Vilnius Training Center, Elementary School, and Klaipeda Training Center to hold a demonstration and a round-table conference with trainees and students.

6. Publication Ceremony-The book of All the Journeys of Dankook Journey by Jinmok Judge was translated into Lithuanian, and the commemoration of the book was held in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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