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<Cheongsan sunsa> - Extract from the book

Cheongsan, the great teacher with us
 He always put a fishbowl in his room. Generally it’s the biggest size. If the room was spacious enough, he used to put two big fishbowls side by side and fed them in the rich water-weed. He enjoyed watching the inside of the fishbowls whenever his free time.
  “I can’t feel time while watching the fishbowl. '
  One day he told me when I watched it sitting next to him. 
  “You have to learn it.”
  I didn't understand what I should learn at that time, so I looked into the inside carefully again and again.but I didn’t get it. And then I had a habbit for a while watching fishbowls to find out his meaning. At long last, while I trained myself steadily, I cannot but slap my knee unconsciously coming up with this idea. 
 "That's it!"
  If it’s assumed that the inside of the fishbowl is the figure of world, the watcher could be the creator. As it can be, while we live in the world(fishbowl), we have to keep the perspectives as a creator who exists far away in higher position from the world.  I'm not certain, whether this kind of realization could be right answer to his intention, it was a trigger to expand my view toward the world, to my belief, though. 
 Come to think of it now, it was his way to spread his teachings in the the world. Actually, even though he stood always in front of me, I didn't get his intention properly and was not ready to get it. It couldn't be just for me but for others who trained themselves under his teaching. However, fortunately, his disciplines are given not only as words, but also his body and life itself athentically, which left still in my heart. Some of them I didn't understand well in those days, but I realized over time. There are especially some predictive words ahead of his time, which is approaching the meanings truly today.

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