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<Cheongsan sunsa> - Extract from the book

I wish readers also get the realization of your lives and disciplines, reading and following the deeds  of his predecessor. (While the title of 'Seonsa' points Cheongsan-seonsa who is the writer's father and mentor, 'Doin' points the masters who teaches him. Both means the masters who achieve the enlightenment, but they are differentiated to avoid the confusion between mentor and mentee. )
  Cheongsan was incomprehensibly powerful and strong. His demonstrations are widely known in the 1970s, receiving much publicity from the mass media. The most representative was what he performed in the Japanes TV program <Expo 70> , invited by Fuji TV station in Osaka. It was also aired several times on all the Korean TV programs and the record tape is still being kept.
He showed the audience in a variety demonstrations at an open hall then. Firstly, just using his cheek without any tools, he pressed a spike whose head was wrapped around with thin cloth and pass it through the 60 centimeter long and 10 centimeter thick wood stick. And then he pulled it back with biting with his teeth. After breaking it easily up with his hand , he put the two pieces beside the wood stick. As he pushed the second spike into the same size wood stick, he used his cheek without any cloth and then pulled it back with his hand again. Lastly he gave the announcer in the show the piece of spikes which was now completely bent down like paper. Then he was stuck with admiration.

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