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<Cheongsan sunsa> - Extract from the book

Afterwards, he showed the demonstration of smashing rocks He made two assistants grab two sheets of pine boards which are 30 centimeter long and 7.centimeter thick up and down. Then he made a fist unfolding his right thumb and little finger. Gathering his energy, he smashed the right board with his little finger and the left board with his thumb.
 Next was smashing rocks. He put two blocks of flat stones on both side and smashing rocks on them. The size was approximately 40 centimeters long and 20 centimeters thick. After catching his breath, he smashed it using forehead with shouting. Then he smashed another rock with similar size treading it. All the rocks are broken in two. (Photo of the scenes).  More interesting thing is that the rock had been already cracked before he touched it, as the show was played in a slow motion. It was reported by FUJI station after broadcasting.
 Next, Cheongsan lied down on his side, holding up his head with a thick bunch of towel. And he put another thick bunch on the head. Then he put a big size rock on the head, which seemed so heavy that it looked hard for two audults to hold up, and added more two small blocks of rocks, and then one of his disciples hit the piles with a hammer three times. The rocks were broken in pieces with sparkling and he stood up without being stirred. It was amazing that he could bear up with impluse from hammer as well as the weight of  rocks amounting of  100 kilogram.

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