Purpose and Idea of Training


  • JEONGSIM: With the true and rightful mind of the heavens’ person
  • JEONGSI: Look at everything of the heavens rightfully
  • JEONGGAK: Understand and gain the truth properly
  • JEONGDO: To the road where one can live upright by fully following the duty of the heavens’ person
  • JEONGHAENG: Go straight on the upright road and never fall to the wrong path

2) Purpose

Joshin (level the body) – Joshim (level the mind) – joshick (level the breath)

Junshin (upright body) – jungshim (upright mind) – jungshick (upright breath)

Jinshin (natural body) – jinshim (natural mind) – jinshick (natural breath)

Ultimate physical strength - ultimate psychological strength - ultimate moral strength
(Completion of a whole person)

3) Ideology and thought

Gaejeonilyeogwan Gaejeonilyeogwan means the viewpoint that sees the great universe, small universe and the nature and I as one.
In other words, people are part of the nature, meaning that they must live the life of the trainee who is assimilated into the laws and reasons of nature and go with the favor of heaven.

Inchejooui Body Principle means that, because caring for people is life of a person, while not considering others is the path to the death of all, one must think, talk, and behave in a way that cares about people to live together.

Goowhalchangsang Goowhalchangsang is the idea of aiming at saving all the living things on the earth.
To practice this idea, I should train myself first to grow the life force and then help others.

Illwhatongil Illwhatongil is the idea of combining every system and idea—such as ideology, culture, law, religion, race, and border—into one and unify them so it would be proper for anyone.

Jisangsunkyung Jisangsunkyung is the idea that contains the earnest wish of creating the ideal world everyone wants and dreams about in the world we are living.